�MEGA EL� EOOD is a company established 2001 whose activity is electropric design and construction. The design department was differentiated in 2005 as a separate company � MEGA EL ENGINEERING� because of the the specificity of its activity. Today the company is leading in providing services including research, design, construction, commissioning, service maintenance and repair of energy facilities:
  1. Overhead high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage electric power lines;
  2. High voltage, medium voltage and low voltag cable lines;
  3. Switchgear transformer stations, complete transformer stations, pole transformer stations;
  4. Equipping of high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage distribution installations;
  5. Reserve power supply by diesel generators;
  6. Tunnel and street lighting;
  7. Internal power and lighting installations.

    The scope of the 2003 first certified by �SGS � Bulgaria� Quality Management System of the company was expanded 2009 with the introduction of a management system, complying with the new standard ISO 9001:2008 and two additional new systems � Occupational Health and Safety Management System (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) and Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2004). �MEGA EL� EOOD is certified since 20.10.2009 for its Integrated Management System according to the three standards, issued by GCS Bulgaria.     The team of �MEGA EL� EOOD consists of over 130 peoples � mainly young specialists. These are high qualified engineers, administrative and commercial units, construction electricians and and construction specialists. The designers of �MEGA EL ENGINEERING� EOOD are electrical engineers wit full design certification, members of the professional section in the Chamber of engineers in investment design.
    An important advantage of �MEGA EL� EOOD is the presence of over 100 units own modern building and transport machinery and equipment � conductor pulling and stetching machines, cranes, excavators, car platforms, trucks, rammers, wall catting machines and a big quantity of new auxiliary equipment and light machinery. The company has administrative, storage and working facilities in Sofia with an area of 35000 m2 and bases in Kyustendil, Ruse, Devnia, Dobrich, Varna, Silistra, Plovdiv.
    �MEGA EL� EOOD is a member of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Power Engineers, the Chamber of Electrical Engineering in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Commercial and Industrial Chamber.
    �MEGA EL� EOOD actively participates in competitions for public procurement in its subject of activity. We participate in all competitions of �Electric distribution � Metropolitan� AD and �Electric distribution � Sofia region � AD and in the time after 2002 we have completed 50 contracts for removal of electric meter panels at the property baundary, connecting new users to distribution network, repair and construction of tranformer stations, cable and overhead medium voltage lines.
    Since 2006 we have completed contracts for design and construction for the companies �Electric distribution � Varna� AD and �EVN Bulgaria Electric distribution� AD. From the same jear we work on overhead power lines 110 kV and 400 kV for �Electric energy system operaror� EAD.
    Since 2005 we have completed 10 contracts for another major public investor of our company �Metropolitan� EAD as a prime contractor and subcontractor.
    We should note the executed contracts after a competition for the Administration of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Administration of the Council of Ministers, the Nuclear power plant Kozlodui EAD, the Minisry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the National Institute of Justice, the National Intelligence Service, the Sofia municipality, the �Maritsa Istok mines� EAD � Radnevo, the �Thermal power plant Maritsa 3� AD � Dimitrovgrad, the �Central heating � Veliko Tarnovo� EAD, the �Central heating � Pleven� EAD, the �Central heating � Burgas� EAD, the �Central heating � Vratsa� EAD, the �Street lighting� AD, the Bulgarian National Television, the Multiprofile Hospital Samokov.
    Over the period from 2001 �MEGA EL� EOOD completed over 500 external electric power supplies with the relevant transformer stations, cables and overhead medium and high voltage lines of private housings, administrative, trade and industrial buildings. We are proud that major bulgarian and foreign companies award to us the performance of more than one object. Besides the large number of realized objects for 6 years remarkable is the fact that for a number of our new objects the provided high power is 3000 kW to 31000 kW.

    �MEGA EL� EOOD as a proven in the field of electric design and construction company with excellent personnel and technical potential is ready to grow and to work actively in all areas of Bulgaria.